Special Recognition

“Thank you for being an exemplar.  You are an exemplar.  You’re demonstrating to others, and what inspires me about you, Colette, is that you’re giving your gifts at a very high level and changing the lives of other people profoundly.  God bless you for that.”

Neale Donald Walsch, teacher and author of the book series, “Conversations with God”

A Doctor’s Experience

“Having witnessed, firsthand, Colette’s remarkable skill in connecting with people normally beyond the reach of their friends and family, I can only say that her kindness and professionalism as a spiritual medium are assets on par with her telepathic gifts. She has helped me to improve or resolve cases that would otherwise have been almost impossible to address. I highly recommend her.”

R. Schwartz D.C., Elite Master B.E.S.T. practitioner

My Son Has Austism

My son Robert was barely four when he began an assessment for Autism, but it was clear where it was going. What we were experiencing as a family was already pretty devastating. As a mother of three and a devoted wife, it was extremely challenging to keep the family emotionally balanced and moving forward in the face of more bad news.

The hardest part was trying to understand Robert’s behaviors. Why did he throw his toys? Why did he repeatedly slam doors with all his might? Why did he scream whenever the topic of food came up? What caused his tantrums? Was he in pain? And if so, why couldn’t the doctors find it?READ MORE

I was physically and emotionally exhausted. Not knowing what to do made me feel helpless, like I was failing my own son. The doctors couldn’t give us good news so I felt powerless and sometimes even hopeless. I lived in constant fear that if I didn’t watch Robert every second, he’d end up hurting himself. This left little to no time to look after the rest of the family and I felt guilty even though I knew I had no choice.

We tried conventional medicine and looked for better options elsewhere and then my mother offered me a session with Colette. Not only was I skeptical, but I resisted the idea that a psychic could help. But my mother’s insistence won. And thank God for that, because it turned out to be a huge turning point in all our lives.

I couldn’t believe my ears when Colette conveyed everything Robert told her. Not understanding telepathy, I wasn’t sure at first that it was indeed Robby talking. But when he started telling her what he felt was going on in the family and how it was affecting him, I knew that he was the one talking to me through Colette. I realized how connected he is to everything around him. It moved me to tears to hear how much he understands and loves us.

Our conversation gave him a chance to lay down the burden of all his worries and concerns for the rest of the family. He had heart-felt messages for his siblings and his dad, and requested to be treated with less emphasis on his mental condition. He especially wanted all of us to know that he intends to overcome the illness no matter what!

Then he explained in detail what I needed to understand about his behavior. He hated his toys because they were boring, so we gave him toys that would engage his mind. He didn’t want to go to afternoon speech therapy because he was tired and needed to nap then, so we rescheduled. He screamed at mealtimes because using the book of food pictures I gave him was too confusing and frustrating. So at his suggestion, we stuck up big pictures all around the kitchen that he could point to to tell us what he wanted. What a relief that is! He said that he slammed doors because the loud, sharp bangs interrupted the electrical energy is his brain and gave him a moment of peace. And I had no idea that the chimes I hung outside, thinking they would soothe him, were hurting him by worsening the electrical energy in his already over-stimulated brain. Another revelation was that he needed us and his therapist to communicate with him and teach him with song. No wonder he had memorized Jingle Bells and sung it clearly and comfortably!

My husband and I are still in awe about this experience and having all this information allowed us to help our son exactly as he needed. The changes implemented as a result have made a world of difference in all our lives. The biggest gift of all was that Colette helped us understand our Robbie better, which has strengthened the emotional bonds we have with him.

I’m especially grateful that telepathy and people like Colette exist to show all parents of children with Autism that there is intelligence and empathy behind the veil of Autism. I hope that my testimony inspires everyone who reads it.

Joanne T.

California, 2008

Mother Suffered A Stroke

“After getting to know Colette through a Los Angeles business networking group, I was privileged to experience her talents and skills for my own family’s benefit in 2007. I had been my parents’ ‘parent’ since my mother suffered a massive stroke in 1999. It rendered her paralyzed and incapable of clear verbal communication due to aphasia (a brain-synapse interruption which prevents people from saying what they’re thinking). After my dad passed away in 2002, my mother’s doctor put her in hospice for 3 years, as she was declining from a series of smaller strokes. She continued to hang in there.

I lived 2 hours away from her nursing home and visiting became a painful experience for me as her attention span deteriorated. I felt ‘daughter-guilt’ and wanted to know what she needed so I could provide it more easily. So I finally enlisted Colette’s aid to find out. READ MORE

Colette ‘talked’ telepathically in a 3-way conversation between myself and my mother, who was then 89.  My mom’s responses reflected her attitude and manner of speaking so I had no doubt Colette was talking to her for me.  This empowered me to provide what my mom asked for and her appreciation of all I’d been doing for her greatly eased my ‘daughter-guilt.’

For example, I learned that my mom had headaches, “like fireworks inside my brain”, which I interpreted as small strokes. She wanted to listen to harp music to calm them down, so I got her harp music CDs which her caregivers later reported she enjoyed. She also wanted to see all of her children and grandchildren together. This seemed a daunting task due to the busy schedules of my family members who lived all over the country. But we finally engineered a reunion in honor of her 91st birthday where she met her first great-grandchild.

My mom also related via Colette that she’s, “one of the very lucky ones” as other residents in her nursing home have relatives who, “don’t come because of the pain and the fear of witnessing humiliating deterioration.” She urged me — and Colette — to help people, “find the courage to face what their elders are experiencing. More education is needed. It may happen to them. Encourage families not to abandon their loved ones just because they are caught in illness.”  When she also complained about the nursing home food, saying, “they think because we are lost in our minds that we don’t have taste buds!”, it sounded just like my mom in her activist days! Though she asked whether she could move closer to me, she passed away soon after turning 92 while I was in the process of arranging this for her.

When people can’t speak anymore due to strokes or Alzheimer’s Disease, they truly need someone compassionate and clear to serve as their intermediary. I am delighted Colette has the gifts and skills to provide this rare service. I highly recommend her to other families whose aging parents can no longer speak for themselves, and am grateful she helped me ‘chat’ with my mom so I could make her final years dignified by providing what she still desired.”

Barbara Schiffman, Certified Hypnotherapist, Life&Soul Coach

Dying Father

“My session with Colette took place on what turned out to be the last day of my father’s life on Earth. He couldn’t speak or communicate and I needed to know if there was anything more I could do for him. Colette’s telepathic communication with my father’s higher self made it possible for me to receive his impressions of his experiences with illness, hospice, and coming to terms with the realization that he was on his way out. I found this tremendously comforting.

Through Colette, my father reassured me that he was doing okay; that I’d been doing a good job looking after him, and he was ready to go. By the time he passed, later that evening, I was as much at peace with his going as it was possible for me to be.

Thank you Colette for a truly remarkable experience!”

Moira S.

Brother Has Down Syndrome

“When I met Colette St. Clair, she described herself as someone with the rare gift of using telepathy to communicate with ‘locked-in’ individuals, including those with Autism and Down syndrome. My ears immediately perked up and I mentioned that my younger brother, Peter, has Down syndrome, so she offered to help.

I must admit, I was a bit shy in pursuing this experience, but something in Colette’s expression calmed me and made me feel safe. I was open to seeing what communicating with Peter in this way would mean. The first time we talked, Colette reviewed her way of working with me. That day my whole life and perception of my brother changed.READ MORE

Colette began calmly and clearly explaining how she worked and what we’d need to prepare for our first session. The focus of our conversation with Peter would be to assess his needs and help him be more comfortable, and give voice to his thoughts and feelings. It was important that we prepare Peter by letting him know that Colette would be talking with him – with his permission of course.

In that first conversation, she started relaying details about Peter and describing things that he was feeling and wanting: to go swimming at the YMCA; objects he enjoyed such as toy musical instruments and computer games…I could not believe what I was hearing. It was surprising to hear how accurate she was, but it also felt natural and I became so excited at the possibilities.

Peter and I are just 22 months apart. I grew up side by side with him and love him more than anyone in the world. I have always wondered what he was thinking and feeling. I have always wondered if he was okay, what he understood and how he felt. He communicates in his own, specific way, but he is not very verbal. He pieces words together enough to make a joke and let us see his charm, but it is hard to know when he does not feel well, when he is in pain, sad or upset.

When we had our phone session, Peter and I were able to speak with one another through Colette. The experience was like hearing words coming from him that were undeniably his, but in a way that was more adult, wise, and aware. It was his ‘higher consciousness’ talking, the part of his mind and intuition that understands and is aware, but cannot express itself enough normally. Before this experience, I had read about the different types of consciousness, but this was an encounter with the truth of it I will never forget, and feel so blessed to have known.

Why is it important to know how Peter feels? It allows us to remember he is an adult with needs. He is aware of the ways we take his disability for granted. He is sensitive to the way he looks. In a spiritual sense, it gave me peace to know that Peter has made peace with the fact that he was born different, but I must admit it also made me feel sad because there was a security in blissful ignorance. I think part of me was always glad to think he was not aware of his condition. To find out that he is, has taken a lot of getting used to. It makes me think before I speak to him. I feel our connection is so much stronger, and the deep bond we had has strengthened even more.

The session I had with Colette and Peter helped me by giving me an opportunity to hear from Peter first-hand about what he experiences and knows about the world around him. It gave my whole family the chance to hear directly from him, without having to guess or interpret. One of the biggest concerns Peter has is being treated like a child, even though he knows why others may make the mistake of speaking to him or regarding him as a child. All of us – my parents, siblings, nieces and nephews – are now more conscious of how we treat Peter and are sure to treat him like the adult he is. This was something we slipped into by taking for granted Peter’s mental age rather than his actual age. After he told Colette this bothered him, we changed our behavior that we had not been so mindful of before.

I know the conversation I had with Peter through Colette allowed him to express himself in a new way. Since our session, I have noticed that he attempts to call me on the phone and talks about speaking with me to my parents. Since I live in California and he lives in Boston, we only communicate by phone unless I visit, which is about twice a year. I feel we are closer because of the session we shared. A couple of months after our session I went home to visit Peter and my parents. In a moment alone with Peter, I asked him if he remembered our conversation with Colette. He smiled and said, “Oh, yeah!” It was interesting to see that he was somewhat aware consciously of what we had done.

I must admit, it radically changed my life to have this new communication with my brother. My perception of him has changed immensely and I now see and treat him more as an adult than ever before. It gave me such peace to know that he has accepted his condition and wants for all of us who love him to live our lives and know that he is okay. After spending so many years caring for him and not knowing what he understands, it was a radical shift for my siblings and my parents to know a different side of Peter. I think it was important to hear about his health, to hear what he experiences physically and what pain and discomfort he has, so we can help make him feel more comfortable. Colette went through a whole checklist of the body so we could understand Peter’s needs on this level. This was extremely valuable, as Peter has had so many physical problems in addition to Down syndrome, but he does not verbalize his pain or discomfort unless it gets incredibly serious. I hope we can continue to work with Colette to talk to Peter and make sure he is as comfortable as possible.”

Jennifer P.

Mother Has Alzheimer’s

“My mom has been suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease for over six years and lives in a nursing home in Belgium. She’s already at a very advanced stage; she doesn’t speak, doesn’t move and doesn’t recognize anybody anymore. Living here in the US with very young children, I just cannot visit her back in Europe as much as I would like.

When I met Colette, I somehow felt there was something special about her and that she was for real so I decided to try her services to talk with my mom. I needed to be able to communicate with my mom despite the impossibilities and wanted to find out how she was feeling and if she needed anything in particular to ease her condition.READ MORE

I was pretty amazed by Colette’s accuracy because when she quoted my mom, a lot of expressions and specific words sounded exactly like my mom talking. Colette delivered everything I needed to know.

My mom mentioned numerous things about the nursing home that bothered her especially constant noises. She was able to describe her physical aches and pains and specified what made her most uncomfortable. She said she missed her ‘special coffee’ and favorite cookies and so on. Through Colette we were able to talk about our relationship and I was able to explain to her why I couldn’t visit her often enough. I also told her that my sister who does visit her would bring to her everything she wanted and would talk to the staff about her discomforts. Since our session, my sister and the nursing staff describe mom as looking and feeling much more peaceful.

I’m extremely grateful to Colette for making access to my mom possible. I feel I was able to bring some relief to her life now and it makes me feel good to think she might still be able to get some dignity throughout the journey of this horrible illness.

I highly recommend Colette’s ability to serve you as well as she did me and my mom.”

Muriel R.

Friend Has Dementia

“I’m a permanent caregiver to my long time friend Donald who struggles with dementia which lessens his capacity to communicate effectively. Not sure that his current needs and wants were being met, I felt sad and frustrated. I also felt uncertain because I wasn’t sure if I was being a good enough caregiver let alone a good friend, who wanted him to be comfortable and not isolated from the outside world.READ MORE

Donald’s decline coincided with that of his dog Duke who he had owned and adored for over 14 years. Being Duke’s caregiver as well, I knew that the dog was struggling to hang on to life and I suspected he did that for fear of abandoning his master. Donald was unable to communicate what he perceived was going on with his dog, and I didn’t know if he had any inkling that Duke’s days were numbered. I felt Duke deserved to be freed from his suffering, but I didn’t want to have to make his end-of-life decision on my own.

Having frequently used Colette’s expertise as an Animal Communicator over many years, I felt she would be the wisest choice to help me with both Donald and Duke.

Through Colette, Duke insisted that he would only accept help to end his life once he got confirmation that Donald was aware of the decision, and more importantly that his master was ready to let him go.

When Donald started expressing himself through Colette, the most amazing thing happened! Telepathically, Donald was lucid, expressive and engaging! The conversation was almost like talking to my old friend again.

Donald said he’d been aware of Duke’s decline and knew that his best friend’s death was imminent. He acknowledged that euthanasia was the best option and agreed to let Duke go. He also expressed his desire to be present for the procedure, insisting it be done in a dignified setting at the vet’s office.

Once this difficult topic was dealt with, I then requested Colette ask Donald if there was anything about his life that he needed or wanted to communicate to me.

Donald talked non-stop for approximately 20 minutes, asking for changes in his diet, daily routine, and requested that classical music be played for him more often. He also expressed the need to re-evaluate his medications and complained of not sleeping well at night. Donald’s needs were relayed to his doctor who made minor adjustments to the meds. Since then, Donald has better quality sleep and starts his day feeling rejuvenated and more alert.

For me personally, I’m relieved because I know that with Colette’s assistance, I was able to give my good friend Donald and his beloved companion Duke what they needed and asked for.

For anyone utilizing Colette’s invaluable skills, I highly recommend her as the best telepathic communicator should you or anyone you know lose the ability to effectively communicate with loved ones. Let Colette St. Clair be your unheard voice!!”

Robin O., Care Manager

Young Children Can’t Express Their Stress

I’ve known and trusted Colette’s work since 2003, when I used her animal communication services to help me with my pets.

A few years later, my family went through some difficult situations, which I knew were affecting my kids. My sons were showing signs of stress but were too young to express themselves clearly. I asked Colette if she could help and she suggested we talk to them telepathically while they slept. The revelations were amazing.READ MORE

Thomas my two year old, said that he felt frustrated because he needed more freedom to explore and to express his creativity. He wanted to connect with nature and work with soil and plants – even indoors in the winter! He needed to draw and paint on something bigger than a piece of paper, as he felt limited by such a tiny canvas. I answered his requests and instantly his mood improved.

James was almost four at the time and already the strong kid who rarely complained. Telepathically however he chatted very openly about many things and shared about having physical ailments, such as an uncomfortable reaction to soy milk and a pressure on his skull caused by “that accident a long time ago”. I didn’t remember any accident until the following morning at breakfast, when James very casually reminded me that he had fallen when he was two and was taken to hospital but no injury was found. Not that I needed evidence, but for James to bring this up so casually proved to me that he had indeed spoken with Colette the night before. I immediately took him to see a chiropractor and naturopath who confirmed Colette’s findings and treated him on the spot.

My husband was in remission from cancer, and like all parents, we try to protect our children and shield them from whatever difficulties we’re going through. But as I discovered with my sons, they have a sixth sense that picks up on all our emotions and vibrations. Before the sessions with Colette, both our boys were having trouble sleeping and what we learned helped me and my husband be more proactive about their wellbeing and development and gave us all some much needed rest.

Knowledge is truly power, so if you find yourself in need of advice, or you need to speak to someone telepathically, you need to call Colette. She is a true Blessing here on Earth and I cherish the times I have with her. I’m confident you will too!

A.B.H., wife, mother, and business executive

Father Deceased And Mother Has Alzheimer’s

“My wife and I first benefited from Colette’s animal communication gift when one of our cats was dying of kidney disease and we wanted to know whether he wanted to keep fighting. She has since been a wonderful communications link to all our cats. I was skeptical at first, until Colette reported things that our cats were saying that not only reflected the truth but also could not have been otherwise known to Colette.

Several weeks after we met Colette my father died, leaving behind some unresolved issues between us.READ MORE

In addition, I began to sense his presence in the early morning hours when I would awaken to a warm, tingly feeling all over my body. This was confirmed when our alpha cat, Bravo, mentioned during a conversation facilitated by Colette that a man named John had been ‘visiting’. My father was named John. At that point Colette suggested that I write a letter to my father, then she would arrange for a conversation with him. Again, during our chat, Dad mentioned the names of important people in our lives that Colette could not possibly have known.

I am no longer a skeptic, and I have had several very meaningful conversations with my dad since then, the last two of which included my mother, who has advanced Alzheimer’s disease, and is no longer otherwise able to communicate. However, during the conversation Colette facilitated, she was able to tell me that while she was ready and eager to join dad, she was afraid, and so wanted to have a minister spend time with her. I was subsequently able to arrange for the local chaplain to visit regularly with her, and this has seemed to calm her.

By opening myself up to the possibilities of telepathic communication, I am now convinced that while our bodies may disintegrate, our spirits live forever, and those who have died are never really lost to us. I also believe that animals have souls and that they, too, cross from the earthly plane to another realm. I am deeply grateful to Colette for opening my mind to an emotionally rich spiritual life, and for enabling me to communicate with those close to me who have crossed over, as well as our cats who are still with us.”

Ritchie G.

At Peace with Death

My mother was in hospice, and the time was coming when she would be put on morphine and would no longer be able to speak. I asked her if she wanted me to have Colette talk with her after she became unconscious, just to make sure nothing was left unsaid, and she agreed. The first thing Mom told Colette was that dying was a lot harder than she had thought it would be; she thought she would receive a couple of doses of morphine and be on her way, but it was taking a lot longer than she had expected. She said she had time to think about things she hadn’t considered before, and she surprised me by saying and wanted someone to pray for her. Although she was a Christian, she said she didn’t care what religion he or she was –– Christian, Catholic, or Jewish; it didn’t matter as long as they were a person of faith. It was Saturday evening, but I was able to find a priest who agreed to come. He was a humble man who prayed with Mom, the hospice nurse and me; we sang songs; and he anointed her with the sign of the cross and told her she was forgiven of all her sins and that she could let go. It was joyful and lovely, and I felt so peaceful afterward; I believe she felt that way too. Mom told me for the first time in my life that she was proud of me, and she asked me to say goodbye for the last time when I left that night. She died early the following Monday morning.

Ginger Webber



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